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Gordon & Tahmi have been married since October 23rd 1999. We have 3 children, Mason is 16, Mayla is 9, and Jarrett is 6.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day in the life of a real housewife of St. Johns.

Yes, I'm still here!!!

Ummm, Jarrett started biddy basketball, Mason's in his last week of jv basketball, and Mayla's....... just Mayla. Were ALL going to an 80's themed rollerskating party this Saturday, & I can't wait. I bought some rollerskates 2 years ago, and Dianna got herself a pair, and Mayla a pair for her b-day, but you can't exactly skate on the sidewalks here without falling (at least I can't!), so it will be cool to just skate without the fear of hitting a rock, or crack.

I'm STILL looking for a job..... ANY JOB!! But, in the mean time, I'm watching Dianna's twins. My mom is driving to Arizona in June, and wants to take my kids. Gordon told me I could go too, but I'm not sure if I can save enough money to pay for Ramarios! It will be during Mayla's b-day. She wanted to go up north for her b-day, but I'm sure Arizona will suffice! I hope we still go up north sometime this summer. We sure did have a good time when we went a few years ago.

I'm starting to go nuts because there is so much snow here right now!!!! But, this week the warm-up (35-40 degrees) should melt most of it. I can feel spring coming...... so, I'm trying to fight cabin fever.

We sold my baby (the Durango), and I got a pontiac sunfire. It has a sun roof, spoiler, and is bright red. It's super cute, and now I want summer to get here even faster so I can ride around with the sun roof open. Ethan & Ashton call it Aunt Tahmi's race car.

Since my last blog, forever ago, Mason has turned 16!!! Yippee! And, for roughly $600.00 he got his license (not including the car or insurance!). Drivers training is EXPENSIVE!!! But, now I don't have to haul him around everywhere anymore. He's got a green pontiac boneville -I think. However, he is gone a lot more, so I usually only see him in the evenings, or dinner time.

Well, I need to shower before the kids get out of school. I have a HUGE chore list this week, and NO DESIRE to do any of it, so I gotta get crackin.

Love you blogger friends & family.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm going to go postal..........

This is an announcement (warning) to all the parents who drop their kids off in the morning at Gateway North Elementary School in St. Johns Michigan..................

When you see a red Durango in your rear view mirror..... MOVE!!!! I swear I get behind the slowest children & parents EVERYDAY! And, I haven't had my coffee yet, so one of these days don't be surprised when I hit you! My darling children have known how to un-buckle their seatbelt, and open a door since way before they ever attended the school. Why do your kids have such a problem? Perhaps you should do some training on the weekends! Oh, and to the parents who put their car in park, and walk around to open the door... SERIOUSLY????? You make me want to get out of my car and pimp slap you for being so inconsiderate an wasteful of other peoples time! I mean, have you ever noticed the line you create of other stupid parents who are waiting to do the same thing? You people need to park, in a parking spot, and then get your dumb kids out of the car. THIS IS WHAT THOSE SPOTS ARE FOR!!!

Friggin' Retards!

Tamra Grandy (mother of 3 very smart children)

Monday, November 23, 2009

A lil up-date

Not too much going on, just getting ready for Thanksgiving. Mom, Dianna, the twins, and Erica are coming over, so I've been trying to get the extra cleaning done like, mop, dust, bathrooms. You know, the stuff I don't do everyday. I've had a serious headache all weekend, that wasn't getting cured by aspirin. Come to find out today, the medicine had expired 8/08.! Luckily my mom had came over with some Thanksgiving groceries, and gave me some ibuprofen. THANK YOU MOM!! I was doing good till the kids got home from school, but at lease my head isn't throbbing anymore! I also think I'm having gull stone problems, at lease that's what mom said after telling her my symptoms. Oh, well.... moving on....
My parents found a house a few blocks away from here, and are looking into moving in a few days before Christmas. It's an awesome house with an apartment on the back. So, Dianna will live in the "main house", and mom & dad will live in the apartment. And, let me tell you, mom & Dianna need the space. They are BOTH driving each other crazy!!! We're excited to get in the house and get some painting & everything else done. Dad should be here for the paper signing, and I think is staying for a week. Gordon, Mason, Dianna & I are going to try and do all the moving of heavy stuff, so that Mom & Dad can just direct. They don't need to be moving anything anyways! Gordon always has the week between Christmas & New Years off of work (paid), and Dianna is leaving for Arizona the day after Christmas, so the twins wont be in the way, and we should be able to get a bunch of work done before she get's back. That's the goal anyways. I'm so excited for it all to go down! Gordon & I LOVE to be in a home project! We just don't have the money right now to do anything to our crib.
Mason is in basketball now, and has a scrimmage on Saturday. He completed segment 2 of drivers training, and now we need to get his driving test done, and then wait for his Birthday to make it all legal. Mayla had a "fancy" dinner at school last week. They have been teaching them manners, and how to "act like a lady" while at dinner. It's so cute to see her growing up. I swear she's grown a foot in the last week. Jarrett is learning, and more importantly, absorbing as much info that he can. I think he's going to pass up Mayla any day now. He really loves to learn, and is proud to read you a book.
I found 2 friends I worked with at T.G.I.Fridays in Amarillo, and I am so excited to talk to them again on Facebook. It's making my remember a lot of things that I have since forgotten. Man, I use to have so much fun there!!! I MISS IT!!
Gordon's lovely sister Billie took family pictures of us yesterday, and so I'm anxiously awaiting that. Hopefully I'll get them this week, so I can post them. It hasn't snowed here yet (knock on wood), and the weather has been in the 50-60's . It's great.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight! YIPPEE!!!

Well, it's been a crazy week on T.V., with New Moon coming out this week. It's been non-stop footage, and sneak peeks of tomorrow's premiere. So, last night I had a crazy dream, well, not so crazy. It began where I meet Robert Pattinson (YUM!!) at some random place, and we hit it off, so I invite him to my house because he's trying to hide from the paparazzi's. So, he comes over, and my house is a "hot mess"! Mason is playing xbox in the frontroom, Mayla & Jarrett are at school. So he comes in, and I'm trying to clean up as fast as I can. Then were hanging out, and Mayla comes home from school. As soon as she walks in the door and see's him, her mouth drops WIDE open! But she's too shy to even say hi. Then Dianna stops by and act's like a total freak job! So he & I take off and head to a water park and hang out on this ledge over looking the people, and out of sight. Then the next day I head over to his hotel room which he's sharing with "Alice & Rosalie" He's sleeping on the floor, and wakes up when I close the door. He get's a big smile on his face, and I jump, and lay next to him, and we're both just laughing........ Then, my alarm goes off! So, no kissing,(DANGIT!!!) but it was a good dream still the same. Oh, and in my dream he didn't have an accent, which I love!!! Sorry, I know I"m being a nerd about this, and I never expected to be one of those people who get's geeked up about a movie, or saga. I am with Twilight!!! I've disciplined myself not to read New Moon till after I see the movie, and I'm not going to go see it this weekend, because I DON'T want to fight the crowds. But, I will go see it, and then if it's clean enough, I'm taking Mayla to see it, because she's a HUGE fan too! She's got a picture of Robert hanging up in her room, that she occasionally kisses.
I just watched Robert on Regis & Kelly, and I gotta say.... YUMMMM O!!! Now, I do appreciate all the hard work that "Jacob Black" has put into his body. It's looking yummy too, but I am absolutely on................

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gordon's laptop- no pictures. But a blog just the same......

Mason/ The varsity team finished off the year by making it to the playoffs, but losing to a tremendous team, -varsity fed Lowell high school. However, we are not feeling defeated, because Mason has 2 more years of Varsity football to play (they should be exciting!!!) PLEASE COME if you can!!! But otherwise, his open house will be June 2012 (I'm making a scrapbook). Lord don't that make me feel old!!!! Now off to Basketball......

Mayla's school teacher this year is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE MRS.DEAN!!! She's kickin ass and taking names, and WILL NOT let Mayla be defeated......... medication or not.... I LOVE HER!!!! I'm anxious to see what will happen with Mayls's 3rd grade year! ( & wish it could have happened sooner!!) !!!!! In the mean time, were still doing what we need to do to help her be successful. We're thinking about putting her into an art class, because she doesn't do physical, but she loves art/music. (ps: people- any advise with this would be great!!!) HINT HINT!!

And Jarrett..... Our "widdowest"???? He's excelling at kindergarten. I'm not sure if it's a boy/girl thing... but my boy's are excelling!!! He & Mayla have been ill this week, but I'm not worried about him missing school, because he loves it.... and HATES missing school!!! He starts basketball in a few months, then football next fall.... And he CAN'T WAIT..... He wants to be like is "big brother"

I'm sure that it seems like I throw my kids into activities....

But the driving back... and .... forth.... that's so not me!!!! I'm LAZY!!!!
I don't know what I'm doing......
The kids decide what they want to do....and I roll with the punches!
But, I'm going to support them in whatever they want, or need, to do to help them fulfill the life that they want.
If it's now...... or the future.
I'm down for the success!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mason has a game Friday against Lowell (hopefully Dad will make it for this!). It's the first playoff game of his sophomore season. It's gonna be raining, but I'm still going!!!! Then Saturday we're having a bbq before trick-or-treating with the kids. Mason's "girlfriend" Erica is coming. LORD!!! I need to clean this house! Details later.......

Some thing's I've realised....

In the past few weeks.....
Since I lost a few daycare kids, I've figured out some things with my own kids.......
First... Even though Mason has asked me a few times for the money for Segment 2 of drivers training, and I've told him a few times that when I get a job he can take it..... He doesn't realize that money is tight now.......
Second..... When Mayla wants to get a new puppy, stuffed animal, or is making her Christmas list..... she doesn't realize that money is tight right now.....
Third...... When I threaten Jarrett with buying "girl" pull-up's because he wont (for whatever reason beyond our discovery) "poop" in the toilet....... doesn't realize that money is tight right now........
I know that things will be o.k. and back to "normal" before they know it.

But, then I think about when I was a kid. How on earth did my parents do ANY of the amazing things we did as kids????

1-Disneyland 2x including hotel and food.
2-Sports for any & all kids that did them.
3-Back to school clothes????? (Gotta be a bank breaker!!!)
4-Sending someone to France.
5-Eating out at least once a week with the whole family!
6-Road trip's
7-Camping trip's
8-The Navy trip to San Diego -including airfare. (how did that happen?)
10-Girls/Boys camp
11-Sending someone to modeling school
12-Raising & paying for a grandchild or 2,3,4,5,.....
13- So many other AMAZING things that are escaping my brain right now......

My parents are AWESOME!!! And have all of our "backs" any day!!! I can't wait to be just like them! (someday??) Let alone that they are so in love with each other even to this day that it's sickening, and you have to plug your ears or say "lalalalalalalalalala" sometimes when you hear them on the phone! God it's gross, but SO TOTALLY CUTE!!!! (still don't wanna hear it!).

However, I love you mom & dad.

And even if Mason wants to buy you Caesars Palace in 21 years. & I'm living in a shack....... compared to the magnitude of memories and love we were given as children, it will NEVER COMPARE!!!! And I only hope my children will understand that we did what we had to do when we had to do it, and only remember the memories that we tried to establish when we had what we had.

Thank you!!!!